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My name is Märit Taylor and I live with my husband and teenage daughter in Kävesta outside of Örebro in Sweden.


Color and form have always meant a lot to me. Both professionally and even at home


So when I decided to study to graphic designer, the feeling of color and form was necessary to cope with the job of both creating advertisements and various printed matter.


Animals, the outdoors,flowers and the garden have always played a very important part in my life.


The garden and all the flowers are a continual source of inspiration to me. I can quite simply drown in all the beauty I am surrounded by when I stop by a Dahlia, Fuchsia, lilac or lupin. All this beauty, perfection, form and color.


It all makes me feel so humble before our creative God. I also feel such enormous gratitude for all the beauty which I have around me and which I am also actually part of.


All this actually involves a great responsibility for the environment.I choose to take my responsibility for the environment by working with "reCREATING.


To make use of and reuse before it ends up at the tip. It is a fantastic feeling to create somthing new from something old which has been thrown away is a challenge. It can never be compared to buying yourself new things.


The feeling in both mind and soul after having reused something is a bit ecstatic. As a creative craftsperson I am happy to reuse, my buyers are usually happy about my works and last and most importantly our creation and our local environment become even ore beautiful. What level of responsibility do you take for the environment?


What type of responsibility do you take?

Garden Joy


Har precis avslutat min utställning i Betaniakyrkan, Örebro.

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